A Galileo for Leonard


Leonard is two years old

and is looked after by the Björn Schulz Foundation and the Sonnenhof team. The little man has severe symptomatic epilepsy and spastic-dykinetic tetraplegic cerebral palsy, a severe movement disorder due to brain injury.


The family lost their 5-month-old son Maxime in 2010, daughter Klara was born in 2012 and is healthy. Leonard is the youngest scion. Klara is aware of her brother’s fate, who died before her birth, and has experienced a lot of the grief of the parents and now that the little seriously ill brother is there, she suffers from the situation.

For processing, she visits art therapy in the Sonnenhof, is currently in kindergarten and attends school in September. Her brother Leo is barely able to move independently. However, the doctors are hopeful that daily exercise with a Galileo device can improve self-movement ability. Leo visits many therapies, his mother tries to go to physiotherapy with a Galileo three times a week. For a daily workout it would be ideal to have a device at home.

That's why we got a Galileo for Leo. He practices hard and always has a smile on his face. He is a small brave man who makes his way back to life. His sister is also taking care of Leo and is always there for him. With the Galileo device Leo is now able to practise at home in addition to the physiotherapy.

Dear Leo, we wish you and your family all the best for the future and will be by your side.


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