A great care seat for motorcycle fan Ralf


Ralf is seven years old

and suffers from type 2 spinal muscular atrophy due to. He has been living with a care family for five years. Since September 2015 Ralf has been attending a special school where he receives special educational support in "physical and motor development".


Ralf is a happy child and likes to travel with his carers. Ralf, for example, enthusiastically tells of a motorcycle ride, where he took part with his care mother and the motto "Bike4kids". In order to support his therapies, we provided him with a seat bag as a positioning aid. With this device, he has much support for his numerous therapies at home, such as respiratory therapy, occupational therapy and lymph drainage. The seat bag is not only a great help for him but he is also able to make it comfortably for himself.

We wish Ralf all the best and will continue to accompany him in the future!


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