A star - our little glimmer of hope


Now set in a bracelet

With PURELEI, we have found a partner who has perfectly implemented an idea of us to the very last detail. The idea was to incorporate our symbol of the foundation, the star, into a bracelet. A small glimmer of hope - on one hand to give a little joy to the sick children we accompany with the foundation - but also to every other people who want to remember daily how important it is to do something good.

Man with a kid

After a few sketches and in close collaboration with the wonderful PURELEI Co-Founder Alisa, it has been designed quickly. It became concrete and our bracelet with the beautiful name "MANA'OLANA" was crafted. The name does not only sound great, but is also a symbol for hope and strength in Hawaii and now available through PURELEI. Now our star adorns a simple bracelet and becomes a real highlight. The beauty of the unisex jewel is that it can be worn by anyone - no matter if small, big, old or young.

And the best of all: PURELEI supports the foundation with a generous donation of 30% of the sales proceeds. With this included, the young and successful company sets an example and we are very grateful that the Toni Kroos Foundation was able to win such a committed partner for a campaign.

  • bracelet
  • star - symbol of the Foundation
  • bracelet
  • bracelet
  • star - symbol of the Foundation
  • bracelet

Together we can achieve a lot of good things and create a joy of life for our families.

Click here for the Bracelet and follow the link to the online shop of PURELEI: 





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