Agon is a storyteller


Agon is 16 years old.

He has a severe tetraspastics and is accompanied at the children's hospital Amsterdamer Straße in Cologne. Agon can not move himself. He communicates with a speech computer, which he controls by eye. Despite the massive disability, Agon is a friendly boy who visits a school for physical and motoric development in Cologne. He is always looking forward to the class and his classmates. The family with the parents and his two sisters wholeheartedly supports their son and brother.


Agon's dystonic cerebral movement disorder means that he can‘t initiate targeted movements and his movements are controlled by the central nervous system and suddenly shoot into the extremities and torso. If he is then fixed in a solid seat (seat of the wheelchair), he remains in the malposition sit and no longer comes back to an upright position. Especially when he is excited, because he tells a particularly exciting story, that presents him with challenges. Therefore, he usually has to look to the left, his spine is deformed and his pelvis tilted. To be able to use the eye-controlled computer, however, he must be able to become somewhat more flexible in his movement pattern. This is amongst some others supported on the one hand with medicine that reduces muscle tension. A movable wheelchair seat would help and support the spontaneous movements of Agon. Because when Agon's tension subsides again, the dynamic seat shell returns him to a more upright sitting position. As a result, the doctors and the family hope for a significantly improved quality of life for Agon.

Boy in a wheelchair
The health insurance company will pay part of the costs for the movable seat shell, we have contributed a part to it thanks to the increditle high support from Postcode Lotterie DT gGmbH and hope that Agon can tell many exciting and funny stories in the f


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