Béla gets support by Galileo


Béla is one year old

and has a severe muscular disease, which is accompanied by the outpatient service of the Sonnenhof in Berlin. He can barely move, can‘t turn by himself at night, and can’t hold his head. The illness causes him severe problems with breathing, so he often suffers from pneumonia. An exact name of the disease has not yet been determined.


The doctors advised not to give B.la to kindergarten until the age of two. His mother and father take care of the little man, so the mother attends many therapies with the son such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy in the water. With a so-called Galileo device B.la muscles are strengthened, which is urgently necessary to allow the little one a certain quality of life. He makes progress in keeping his head, touching things, or even grasping things. He is currently attending a physiotherapy center which uses a Galileo device. But since he is very vulnerable, there is always the risk that he takes germs and threatens new pneumonia. We have supported the purchase of a Galileo, so that B.la can train eagerly at home without risking to catch up a disease.

We wish Béla and his family all the best for the future and are excited for his improvements via the new device!


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