Christmas presents for the Children‘s Hospital


The Toni Kroos Foundation had prepared

a special Christmas cheer for the young patients at Children's Hospital of Amsterdam street in Cologne. One day before the festival a great climbing wall and a large multimedia TV were installed and put into operation.


Both allows the small patients more movement and fun for those who are often treated for several weeks at Children's Hospital.

Two other donated TV sets will take care in waiting areas that the time passes more entertaining. The climbing wall helps for toning and strengthens concentration as physical coordination alike. Climbing helps young people also to develop self-esteem and confidence or to cope with small crises if it does not work.

At the climbing wall they will have to work in a team - one climbing - another one securing. The children find support and security, besides the personality development, both very important when dealing with chronic diseases. Skills, which promotes the interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurses especially in these patients at Children's Hospital of Amsterdam street. "This exercise options also open up new developmental therapies in the treatment of children with disabilities or children with movement disorders," says Dr. Stephan Waltz, medical director of pediatric neurology and the Social Paediatric Centre.

The new multimedia-enabled TV in the common room of "Pänzilvania", the station of chronically ill patients, not only provides entertainment, but helps especially for movement. With additional devices, such as a Wii and Playstation console and a X-Box more games and sports programs can be implemented before the monitor alone or in small groups. Mixong up the children and adolescent patients helps more, thus supports strengthening muscles, the musculoskeletal system and the concentration.

"Football World Champion Toni Kroos as a professional athlete knows very well from his own experience how important it is to train the body regularly and with pleasure. We are very grateful to him and his foundation that we experienced such great support for our patients that helps them directly, "explains Prof. Dr. Michael Weiß, Medical Director of the Children's Hospital of Amsterdam street in Cologne. Toni Kroos and the team its Foundation are pleased that the surprise has succeeded and hope you at the Childrens' hospital have fun with your Christmas presents!


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