Cinja takes her life in her own hands


Cinja is 18 years old

and has been handicapped since birth. She lives with her parents and her two brothers (13 and 20 year old) in Remscheid. The parents are workers, but the family is financially strained and not able to fulfill all of Cinja’s wishes.


So the active, young woman wanted an electronic handbike, with which she can move independently around. Therefore, the family turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation. We were able to realize the project. Cinja started her first trip with a loud scream of joy. To the physiotherapist, the school or the cafe around the corner the happy high school graduate now moves completely independent. The mountains and hills of the surrounding area are thus no insuperable obstacles, since the handbike provides an electrical support. Cinja tried it again during the first warm spring weekend. She was around on two days on a total of 70 km on the road and could even overcome great slopes effortlessly. The pretty Cinja is inspiring with her energy, the family is excited about Cinjas movement urge. If you see her this way, you know, this young woman can achieve everything she wishes for. When visiting Toni Kroos at the Kinderklinik in Cologne in March, she thanked Toni for the support personally. 

We are very pleased that we have been able to contribute to the fact that Cinja can now take care of her life herself and wish her and her family all the best for the future!


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