Emil is making enormous progress


Emil is only two years old.

When Emil was born, the joy was huge, as he was absolutely a desired child by his parents. He was born healthy. After a few months, however, the doctors diagnosed a spinal muscular atrophy type I - a hereditary disease, in which certain nerve cells die. This results in a degeneration of the muscles and a general weakness. Own movements are hardly possible, or only to a limited extent. A causal treatment is not possible, especially young patients have a greatly reduced life expectancy.


Despite the great pain, the parents quickly realized that they would do everything possible to enable Emil to live a beautiful life. By a special medical treatment the dying of nerve cells could be stopped. A second therapeutic approach is the so-called Galileo therapy with a special device. Both therapies had achieved extraordinary results in studies, an great chance for Emil.

Since the required device needs regular training and access is not always possible, we have financed Emil such a device. It stimulates the bones and muscles, since the child can hardly make any movements by himself. What’s even better about it: the training with the device is perceived by children as a game and is even more joy.

The unit is attached directly to Emil's bed and we are eager to see what progress he can achieve with it.

Dear Emil, we wish you all the best and will continue supporting you on your journey!


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