Facilitation for Josefine’s Family


Josefine has been suffering

a severe hereditary disease since her birth. To save her life, doctors had to separate her right from the left cerebral hemisphere. She will never be able to walk, swallow and speak. Josefine will soon visit a nursery for severely disabled children for a few hours a day.


Amongst the burdens of the severe illness of Josefine, the mother is suffering from a difficult epilepsy. The family needs many medicines and special food. Josefine's father works as a medical assistant in the shift service to ensure the existence of the family. Shortly before Christmas we provided the family with a carpet for the children's room. Now we got to know the everyday life of the family more detailed. We spontaneously decided to fulfill a great wish for the family and donated a dryer that would make the family's day-to-day life much easier.

Two girls

We wish Josefine and her family the best!


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