Four days minisibling trip


Shortly after arrival at the youth hostel,

the first child asked whether the people would speak German here. And the AA-lake directly in front of the front door was quickly turned to the sea. So it was clear: holidays and pure relaxation were on the agenda and it only includes the shared experiences and what you make of it.


So the "Caribbean" warmth was used on Thursday to spend the whole day in the all-weather zoo. Besides the seal training, the elephant feeding and the admiration of the many different animal species, especially the water sprinkler, which was actually meant to cool down for the animals, and the playground provided a great pastime. On Friday, the exploration of the great "sea" began with a boat trip on the AA lake, followed by a refreshing break with pizza and a cool drink.

Soon, however, the sun left the small travel group in the lurch and a cinema day was organized quickly. A welcome moment of "rambling" for everyone, because the nights were shorter than they were all used to from home. Sleeping was not to be expected after the return to the youth hostel, so after the dinner there were still some rounds of the games "Fruit salad" or "My right, right place is free".

Saturday it was time to head home. But the morning was still to spend in Münster, so that an indoor playground was visited. After lunch the group went home. Shortly before Dusseldorf a child raised the question: "Are we back in Germany?" Yes, the little guests were in Germany all the time, but despite the proximity of the homeland it seemed like a trip around the world and became a great mini-sibling trip with many funny moments, lots of joy And affectionate intercourse between the siblings.

Three children at the beach
We, the Toni Kroos foundation, are delighted that we have been able to contribute to this.


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