Girls' night out at a PUR concert


We invited mothers, daughters and staff women

from the childrens’ hospice Regenbogenland in Duesseldorf for the PUR concert in Mönchengladbach. A fancy air-conditioned bus (sponsored by Herweg GmbH, Leverkusen) brought the ladies to Mönchengladbach.


Just arrived and it started raining cats and dogs. But the mood of the girls remained unchanged. All went joyfully into the Hockey Park which welcomed them with delicious food and cool drinks.

At 20:00 PUR frontman Hartmut Engler followed by his band entered the stage, receiving immediate stading ovations. All guests were be carried away into the "Adventureland", thought back to their first "gray hair," the first love, shivered when hearing "When she hears this Tango" and sang to all the well familiar songs. The mood was huge and boisterous. The concert ended with swinging lighters or mobile lights after several encores. All were quite animatedly released in a warm summer night.

PUR concert
In order to remember to this beautiful evening, every guest of our group received a PUR CD as a gift to take home.


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