Home game for the Toni Kroos Foundation


Great was the anticipation

already at the meeting in Dusseldorf around 6pm, from where the "Team Rainbowland" set off by bus to the neighboring city of Rhineland. The Cologne kids traveled with their parents directly to the stadium, where there was a big hello at around 9 pm when they met again. The emerging cold of the autumn evening was met with atmospheric hopping and trampling and the mood reached the first peak when the team came in, where, of course, especially Toni was cheered.


During the 90 minutes the Toni Kroos Foundation's guests of course applauded Toni most, but also his teammates were strongly encouraged. In a great free kick of the midfielder of the national team, who just put the ball on the crossbar, everyone had already the scoring chant on his lips. And at the latest in the 2:2 equalizer by Lars Stindl the jubilation was huge!

At the end, all guests of the Toni Kroos Foundation drove home satisfied at around 11 pm, enthusiastic about the game and the seating near the sidelines.

father with child
We thank the German Football Association for the support and are very happy that it was so much fun for our young and old guests!


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