Jenson has high goals


Jenson is 15 years old

and in 10th grade - this year is his middle maturity and then he will be transferred to a higher school. He is a good student, likes to go to school, and would like to go into politics. His goals are high: Federal Chancellor!


He suffers from spinal muscular atrophy - a progressive muscle exertion. This meant that Jenson had never been able to stand or walk with losing gradually more and more motoric skills while being mentally completely healthy. He is sitting in an electric wheelchair. At night he is being ventilated, during the day everything works quite well without ventilation.

Jenson is a huge soccer fan, especially from Schalke 04, and is also very sporty himself. He plays powerchair hockey in the 2nd Bundesliga for the Bochum Hurricanes. It is a great little team and he loves the training and the game days.

The great love of the brave boy is his dog. He has an assistant dog from VITA e.V. since 2011 and his "Doreen" is his most important partner. Doreen can never replace the human help that Jenson will always be dependent on, but she gives him a lot of independence and he is responsible for her and her training.

After hearing Jenson's story, we provided him with three tickets for the Martin Rütter show in Düsseldorf on March 5th. What he experienced there, his father best describes himself:

We were very fortunate that our son Jenson was provided with three tickets from the Toni Kroos Foundation for the Martin Rütter show in Dusseldorf on 5.3.2017. Two dogs belong to our family, one Australia Shephard named Kira and the assistant dog of Jenson, a Golden Retriever named Doreen. About five years ago, we had been attending a program by Martin Rütter in Essen in the Grugahalle and were already enthusiastic about the abundance of information related to dog care and dog behavior - wrapped up in an absolutely humorous show in which you can enjoy yourself. Laughters were preprogrammed. This was a special experience at the time because we knew Martin only from TV before. Now, however, it was quite extraordinary: when we arrived, Martin was waiting for us and we were led behind the stage. We were shown the stage design, explained how it evolved, what kind of work was involved and much more. Martin talked to us not only about dogs, but also chatted with Jenson about Schalke 04, Jenson's hobby roll-hockey and a lot more. He took a lot of time for us. The whole thing ran in an absolutely relaxed, cool atmosphere. While we were all a bit nervous about the personal meeting with Martin, although he had to be on the stage a really long program, he was calm until the last minute. Just before the show started, he led us to our seats in the front row and made a few photos with us. Then followed a thoroughly captivating show with many gags, but also really valuable information about the dog in everyday life. The time seemed to run until the break. Then occurred another highlight: Now we were invited by Martin and his entire crew for a drink. We were very close together with another family in the middle of the action. In between, a small interview with Jenson was held. We were especially pleased that Toni Kroos himself inquired via SMS whether everything went well. At the end of the show, of course, we bought a book from the stand, which we got personally signed by Martin. It was a memorable evening, which we will remember for a long time. Martin told us: "See you again in December 2018 to the next show ... no question, we will be there!


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