Jonas and the dolphins


Since his early childhood

the wheelchair is always a companion of Jonas M. from Grevenbroich. The 12-year-old suffered a stroke at the age of three months and has since become severely disabled and thus dependent on the care of his family. Both parents are working. The older brother and Jonas' twin brother are healthy and helpful as much as possible.


Our partners from the childrens’ hospice Regenbogenland had given us a hint that a dolphin therapy for Jonas might be helpful. They informed themselves intensively and ask us for support.

On the 5th of October with Jonas flew his family with father, mother and his two brothers from Dusseldorf to Dalaman in Turkey. First, especially the parents were a bit queasy. They had not gone abroad on holiday and it was Jonas’ first on air travel. But the young man was quite calm. Upon arrival, the family initially explored the surrounding of Hotel Turban in Marmaris and was overwhelmed. First of all the boys conquered the Aqua Park.

After a busy day of travel and loads of impressions, the M.s fell tired into their beds. The next morning Jonas’ therapy began. He was introduced to the staff of the dolphin center and informed with his parents about the processes in the upcoming days. For the first time Family M. came close to the dolphins and was fascinated by the energy that emanates from these animals. All questions had been answered and thus fears and inhibitions rapidly degraded. Then things got serious:

Even when Jonas was equipped with a neoprene suit and his parents handed him over to his therapist Kleio there was a lot of uncertainty. How would Jonas react? But Kleio made it easy for him with her sensitive nature. The two sat on a platform and made contact to the dolphin "Splash". It was not long until it came swimming towards them and poked Jonas friendly with its snout. Especially Jonas’ mum Jutta was completely overwhelmed by this situation, and she flowed some tears of joy. "We would not have thought it possible that the Dolphins can thus build an access to our boy. Jonas is a sensitive and cheerful guy who may well bring his feelings and sentiments.

Over time he showed more and more joy and attention during and outside of therapy hours. The dolphins did so lovingly with Jonas that you could feel their magic, "Jutta said. The daily meetings of Jonas and Splash took about 40 minutes and Jonas got Cranio-Sacral therapy in the adjacent treatment center. After three days of therapy significant successes in Jonas’s relation to the dolphins were recognizable.

He felt increasingly well near Splash and Kleio. And to see how fast Jonas took confidence and how he reacted to the animals meant insane luck for his parents. During treatments Jonas' brothers made water sports and even the whole family went on a boat tour.  

  • Child with dolphin
  • Child with dolphin
  • Doplhin
  • Child with dolphin
  • Child with dolphin
  • Doplhin


After two weeks of special experiences and intense encounters Family M. came with many precious memories back to Germany. Mama Jutta hopes that they "can create in everyday hopefully islands, to catch a little breath."

Special about this experience was also that it was shown to the two brothers, that they are special also and do a lot of special little things in everyday life.


We wish the family a lot of power and energy for everyday life!


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