Jonas explores nature


Jonas is twelve years old

and is accompanied by the Outpatient Nursing Service and the Sonnenhof of the Björn Schulz Foundation in Berlin. At age four, he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Since 2014 he is sitting in a wheelchair. The family is currently building a home to give more space to their two children. But it‘s still under construction, as much is built in own contribution.


The young man loves to be in nature and at the seaside. The family is going to the Baltic Sea quite often. There he is usually on a promenade while his older brother is allowed to play in the water. It's just too difficult to get ahead with a normal wheelchair over stick and stone - and especially in the sand. So it’s almost impossible for him to enjoy the water. Most of the time he refrains from climbing into the cold because he wants to spare his parents the stress.

We have therefore met Jonas' desire for a Hippocampe wheelchair. So he did already enjoy the water in the Amber Lake this summer. "A really cool part," was Jonas' conclusion after the first tours. Still, the water was too cold for him, but that will change in the coming days and then Jonas will also test the water resistance of his new vehicle.

Boy and his father
We wish Jonas and his family much fun with the Hippocampe while exploring nature. We are by your side!


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