Jonas masters all stages


Jonas H. from Mülheim an der Ruhr is six years old.

During her pregnancy his biological mother released him for adoption. During his birth the little man suffered a lack of oxygen, which caused multiple disabilities – physically and mentally. In addition, he has a genetic defect. Therefore it has been accepted by Claudia H. and her wife Barbara took him on for permanent care.


A windfall for the two women and Jonas. Although Jonas can not walk, talk and engage, "he brings our lives in motion," says Claudia. Together, the family has already made two dolphin therapies that have aroused remarkable development steps for Jonas. He also likes to go to the movies, to drive kids roller coaster and swimming in particular.

He loves going to the cinema, driving the children’s roller coaster and mainly to swim. He enjoys listening to music, likes to play cards and when stories are being told. A tiresome recurring theme is the transport of Jonas in the house. Together with the grandparents family H. is living in a multi-generational house on the first floor. A move to the ground floor is not possible because of a stroke of the grandfather.

And so the two women have to carry Jonas always up and down the stairs when it comes to the dinner at the grandparents’, when playing together or when Jonas simply watches his Grandma while cooking. Since Jonas is growing up, it is a matter of time until he would be too heavy for his mothers to carry.

A stair lift could significantly simplify the lives of the family, Claudia told in a letter to the Toni Kroos Foundation.

We engaged for the installment of a stair lift and in early January it was finally set up. Since then, life for Jonas and the two women is much easier.

Even when the little man has had a hip surgery in early January, Jonas with his mothers now masters each stage.

Wir freuen uns sehr über die Neuigkeiten und wünschen weiterhin viel Kraft für den weiteren Weg.


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