Josefine wants to go her own way - Christmas campaign 2016


Josefine was born in autumn 2012

as a healthy child. In January 2013 she and her mother experienced a heavy car accident. Mother Christine still calls it "a miracle" that she and her daughter survived.


Strong head injuries, a cranial base fracture and a brain trauma - the terrible diagnosis shook the family and Josephine. Several weeks in the intensive care unit in the hospital followed.

But, unfortunately, not enough: In an ususal examination two aneurysms were recognized in Josefine's head. But the small fighter also survived these surgeries. And the family did everything they could to ensure that the highly retarded developing Josephine was able to have a near to normal life, despite imbalance of the left side, poor vision, and epilepsy. They built a completely usable house suited for their handicapped daughter in 2014, so that the little Miss Sunshine can move freely. In addition, the family is accompanied by the Outpatient Children's Hospital of the Björn-Schulz Foundation.

Now the family raised a wish to the Toni-Kroos Foundation: Josefine should get a walking therapy in Slovakia. This measure arouses many opportunities for her development which brings her closer to self-employment.

We have decided to support Josefine and her family as part of this year's Christmas campaign. Each donation, which will be received by the Toni Kroos Foundation from now on, will be used to enable Josefine to attend the walking therapy in Slovakia.


We wish Josefine and her family all the best!


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