Josefine is on the run


Good news:

We are happy and proud to inform you about the running therapy for Josefine, which we financed together with you during our Christmas activities.

Even the long-time companions of the family were surprised at how fine Fine came back from the stay in Slovakia. She had even learned some new movements. Six days a week, five hours a day the most intensive therapy - that was Josefine's schedule. The small fighter had to get through, too, with the great experience of the therapists team and the very affectionate handling, she always felt inspired to give her the best. In addition, the grandparents were always involved and guided in order to be able to carry out the exercises even at home in everyday life and to build up on the time in Slovakia. 

The result: Josefine can already walk a few meters alone. This makes the whole family happy and also Fine herself is happy about every single step with a bright smile and a proud look which says, "Look, I can do it!" This provides her with a new chance of a better quality of life and independence. 

As a reminder, Josefine was born in autumn 2012 as a healthy child. In January 2013, however, she and her mother experienced a heavy car accident. Mother Christine still calls it "a miracle" that she and her daughter have survived. Strong head injuries, a cranial base fracture and a traumatic brain trauma - that was the terrible diagnosis with Josephine. Several weeks in the intensive care unit in the hospital followed. But, unfortunately, not enough: In a control examination two aneurysms were recognized in Josefine's head. But the little fighter also survived these operations. And the family did everything they could to ensure that the highly developed retarded Josephine was able to lead a normal life, despite a lack of paralysis, a bad vision, and epilepsy. They built a completely handicapped house in 2014, so that the little Miss Sunshine can move freely. In addition, the family is accompanied by the Outpatient Children's Hospital of the Björn-Schulz Foundation.


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