Kilian’s house now has a lift


Kilian is seven years old.

His life changed during his summer vacation in Ibiza 2016 - in a dramatic way. The young man was suffering from a serious virus that spread to the spinal cord, causing cardiac arrest and causing severe brain damage. Kilian was flown after a five week stay from Palma to Cologne to the children's hospital Amsterdam street. Four weeks later, he was flown from there to a special clinic in Bavaria and then relocated to Siegen.


Since then, he has been in a vegetative state, but was able to return home after more than a year of treatment. There are some signs of improvement in his condition, doctors are already hoping for a slight return of consciousness and the heavy medication has been reduced. Kilian is treated physiotherapeutically every day. A communication is unfortunately impossible, he is ventilated and fed artificially. Diagnosis: Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (oxygen deficiency brain damage). Nevertheless, he responds to the voice of his father on the phone or during a visit to his seven-year-old brother.

The family lives on a self-developed homestead. The mother accompanied her son during the stay in the hospitals. The father worked and took care of his second son.

To accommodate Kilian at home properly, the family made great efforts. The father installed a bathroom on the first floor and converted the room of Kilian handicapped-accessible. With a wish that she could not fulfill alone, Kilian's family turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation. Since the installation of a stair lift due to the statics and size of the house is not possible, a relocation of Kilian's room would be extremely costly and the boy due to his illness can not be constantly carried upstairs. So the cultivation of an outdoor elevator was realized.

We are very happy that together with our donor Carl von Campe we have been able to implement this measure and hope that this will facilitate the life of Kilian and his family. We wish Kilian and his family all the best and hope that there will be more positive signals in the future!


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