Lena at PUR Concert in Dortmund


Lena is 13 years old

and was named after the song "Lena" of the German band Pur, The biggest wish of her family has always been to visit a PUR concert. But because Lena is in a wheelchair, such a visit was not possible.

Then the Toni Kroos Foundation came into play and made this dream come true. And so family D. on the 19th of December visited the concert in Dortmund and met lead singer and Foundation Ambassador Hartmut Engler.

What the family had experienced mother Andrea describes:



Dear Toni Kroos foundation team, an incredible day lies behind us. Visiting the PUR concert was associated for us with lots of emotions, excitement and goosebumps. The personal interview with Hartmut Engler and the opportunity to take a picture with him overwhelmed us. Lenas sister Jule was especially pleased with the CD with all autographs.

To be able to enjoy the concert in the Event box, was really cool (Jule mentioned). Lena has also enjoyed, but fell asleep due tonthe excitement exactly during "her" song. Luckily, it was included at the medley in the end again and she enjoyed it very much.

I could hardly hold my tears back during this song because I was able to hold Lena's hand. Again and again we had the opportunity for brief conversations with members of the band or their relatives. Particularly also the guest of the band Daniel Wirtz has left much impression.

Everyone was totally nice and open!”


Girl with wheelchair
To get such a moving feedback makes our hearts skip a beat and we are glad to have realized the family’s wish.


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