Little fans with big eyes


What a night that was!

50 children, parents and siblings from the childrens’ hospice Sonnenhof of the Björn-Schulz-Foundation in Berlin were invited by the Toni Kroos Foundation to see the match between the German and the Brazilian National team. Expectations of the duel between the two nations, who have altogether won the World Cup nine times, and met last time in the semi-finals of the World Cup in Brazil with the historic 7: 1 for the eventual World Champions and Toni Kroos, were correspondingly high.


In the Olympic Stadium, sold out with 72,000 spectators, the guests of the foundation were thrilled from the beginning and of course the little fans had big eyes when they could be so close to their stars and above all Toni. With the best view, every action was carefully followed. And even when Brazil took the lead, it did not detract from the good mood. Until the last second, the big and little fans hoped for the equalizer, but in the end Brazil won. Despite temperatures near freezing, the fans from the Sonnenhof went home with glowing cheeks. Because sometimes other things than the bare result count.


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