Louis goes swimming


Louis is 13 years old

and accompanied by the children's hospice Sonnenhof of the Björn Schulz Foundation in Berlin. He was born in the 27th week of pregnancy together with his twin brother Justin. While his brother is healthy, Louis suffered a brain haemorrhage and has since been severely multiple disabled, but can sit in a wheelchair.


The family lives on the outskirts of Berlin, the mother works as a nurse in a three-shift system, the father as ambulance driver. Every spare minute the parents spend with their sons, of course, especially with Louis. The two brothers love each other and Justin would not want to trade his brother at any price. Everyday life is not always easy, friends and family try to help. The family has recently at their own expense and with considerable effort, the house and the car converted in order to have it accessible for their handicapped son. The best friends of the family say often, God knows that a child like Louis would get it right for you, and that's why he's in exactly the right place.

The two boys love the water and use every opportunity in the summer to enjoy the cool water at a small lake in the Berlin countryside. Of course, when Justin is in the water, Louis wants to go there too. However, Louis can not do that with his wheelchair and since he is now 1.58 m tall and weighs 45 kg, you can barely carry him. To fulfil this wish, the parents asked the Toni Kroos Foundation for support in financing a beach and terrain wheelchair (Hippocampe), because it allows Louis to enjoy the bathing fun. Over sand and bumpy roads you can drive him directly into the water. There in the water he can relax once and forget the stupid illness.

Child in a wheelchair
We say thank you - also on behalf of Louis and his family!


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