Sara goes for a ride


Sara is almost six years old

and is accompanied by the Children's Hospital in Cologne. Because of a gene defect Sara is severely handicapped several times. By the age of two, Sara was developing normally, but gradually lost all her abilities.

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She can no longer speak, no longer move or eat independently and sits in a wheelchair. Therapies help strengthen her muscles and make her life easier, yet she is often plagued by seizures.
Sara's family lives in Cologne in a rented apartment, she has four siblings at the age of twelve, 17, 19 and 21 years. So far, Sara was transported in a family car and always had to be lifted into the seat. Now her mother has a herniated disc and had to undergo two abdominal surgery. A vehicle is absolutely necessary for Sara, who is being driven to kindergarten and needs different therapies every week.
The family was advised by the association "Mobil mit Behinderung e. V.". For the needs of the child, especially her seizure disorder and the size of the family they were advised to a Ford Tourneo Connect. For this, a donation account was set up by the association. Now the total funding is available, the family is traveling with the new vehicle and Sara is finally - also thanks to our partner Kadomo - really mobile again. We financed the reconstruction with Kadomo.
We would like to thank everyone who supported Sara and her family together with us and wish you a safe journey!

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  • Girl with her family
  • Girl in a wheelchair


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