Malak’s passion is the music


Malak is nine years old.

After some tragic events, she is accompanied by family supporters of the Björn Schulz Foundation at the Sonnenhof. Malak has lost her brother Hassan and her sister Rim. Both suffered from a genetic defect and died at the age of six. The girl finds it difficult to get over the loss of her two siblings, that she has consciously witnessed.


Recently she got a little brother, he is - like her - healthy. The family lives with four members in a small apartment in Neuk.lln. The father came to Germany with his parents when he was 15 years old. Her mother was born in Germany and is a strong woman who does everything for her children. Of course, she also suffers from the loss of the two children. Malak notes the burden when the mother speaks of her deceased siblings. She is a very quiet girl who sounds very wise when she speaks.

In music Malak finds distraction, she can relax there and is completely with herself. She has developed a real talent for it. We met the family and will support Malak to be teached piano for one year, so she can continue to develop her talent and be distracted from everyday worries.

Girl plays piano
We wish Malak and her family all the best for the future and are looking forward to her improvements at the piano.


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