Marcel - a tough little clown


Because the 14-year-old Marcel

infects people around him with his laughter, he is the little clown for everyone. It is impressive how happy and life-affirming Marcel is. Because Marcel is severely affected by a hospital infection.

Due to the infection shortly after birth his body rejected his skin. Sepsis occurred, followed by acute renal failure, artificial respiration for resuscitation and a complete blood exchange.

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Due to the infection and massive medical addition, he has suffered several disabilities: visual impairment, hearing loss, severe epilepsy, severe mental and physical disability. Marcel is sitting and lying in a wheelchair. He is accompanied by the children's and youth hospice Regenbogenland in Dusseldorf.
The cheerfulness of the little clown makes his mother forget the worries of everyday life (sometimes). She is a single parent and lives with Marcel in Dusseldorf in a rental apartment of a multi-family house. She often suffers from migraine, but has refused to go to hospital against her doctor's advice. She does not want to leave her son alone.
Most of the time, Marcel stays at home on a large couch so he doesn’t have to sit in a wheelchair all the time. This couch is old and breaks apart in some places already. Anything but ideal for Marcel. That's why the idea arose to buy a Gravity Chair for Marcel. This is a special chair with a gravity storage system, on which Marcel can lie more relaxed.
No sooner said than done: we financed a Gravity Chair for Marcel.

And we are looking forward to seeing him find a comfortable position and make everyone laugh. We wish Marcel and his mother all the best and will always stay at their side!


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