Marcel scores with new skills


Marcel is 20 years old

and accompanied by the Kinderklinik Amsterdamer Straße in Cologne. Marcel lives with his family in the cathedral city. Since birth, the young man has been paralyzed, but he loves life and is very joyful. He has been active in the wheelchair basketball since his eleventh year, and is even playing in a league for three years.


Marcel, however, needed a specially designed sports chair to keep up with his success. Unfortunately, his health insurance company could not provide any support. So he had to content himself with a substitute, which was made available to him by his club. Marcel turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation asking for support, because wheelchair basketball means a lot to him and has several positive effects: It keeps him fit and he has gained a lot of friends.


We were able to provide Marcel with a new wheelchair for his passion. And with touching words, Marcel thanked us: "I would like to thank you very much for the basketball roller chair. In the first training session it was a new, unfamiliar feeling. Meanwhile, I have got used to playing with the new sports wheel chair and it’s enormously funny. Playing basketball has become easier for me. The sports wheelchair now allows me to use new skills, which I could not perform with the old sports chair.

Boy plays basketball
We are delighted to be able to help Marcel and wish him all the best for his chase for points!


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