Marlon exploring the Sauerland Mountains


Marlon is ten years old

and accompanied by the Kinderklinik Amsterdamer Strasse in Cologne. He is infected with spine bifida with hydrocephalus. The family lives in a home and takes care of the little man, who has a 19-year-old sister.

So far the family has paid all expenses and conversions from their own income in order to allow Marlon a carefree life. However, there are also limits here and the savings are nearly completely used. For his greatest wish, the parents turned towards the Toni Kroos Foundation: Marlon's musculature is to be strengthened with an electric hand bike and his metabolism is better stimulated by the movement. In addition, it will greatly increase its mobility and social cohesion, as the family lives in the "Four Valleys Town" - Plettenberg, surrounded by the Sauerland mountains. With a rental device - without an electric drive - Marlon had already covered an impressive 100 kilometers, thus demonstrating a great deal of independence and achieving more joy of life.

At the first trip with the new bike in autumn it was great to see and a wonderful experience, as the "little man" now just went to a bike ride with his parents without having to be pushed permanently. He is now on "eyes’ level" with his handbike.

Boy with his wheelchair
We are glad that we could meet his big wish and wish Marlon and his family a safe drive wherever their bikes may take them!


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