Melis' wish has come true


Christmas has already passed two months ago –

but the joy of our Christmas act is still vital and we are glad for our happy end: Hatice Cetin and D. from Hilden addressed us at the Family Day Toni Kroos Foundation on 14 November in Dusseldorf.


Her daughter Melis (16) has a brain damage, developmental disorders and suffers from epilepsy. "If she is fine and she is smiling, she shines like the sun, that there is a hot-hearted," says Hatice. Melis' Brother Can (18) helps where he can and is for his mother "like an angel!" Hatice works as a tax consultant in Dusseldorf, Cetin has worked as a daily companion for people with dementia.

Of course, both parents suffer from the daily burden. Both have been handicapped because Hatice had to undergo an operation on his hip and Cetin already suffered two heart attacks. The car of the D. family was the most important thing in means of transport, but unfortunately very old and not suitable for disabled.

Since Melis now grows into a young woman, her car seat is too small and the wheelchair barely fits in the trunk. Moreover, the burden on the father and mother by the carrying and lifting of Melis became too heavy. Together with you we have achieved the required 24,990 euros to found a car suitable for disabled people and for the whole family D.

Melis and her family will be in the future on the road in a big vehicle. In addition, the car is equipped with an electronic ramp so that Melis' wheelchair can be easily brought into the vehicle.

A big thank you to all those who donated for their tremendous support!



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