Mia san Laura - Visit to Bayern Munich


Laura is 15 years old and

and an enthusiastic supporter of Toni's former club, Bayern Munich. She lives in a special social pedagogical family. Her start into life was anything but easy. Laura had to learn many things that are self-evident to other children. For example she was trying to eat a banana without having removed the shell. She did not know the fruit.


She had lost her confidence in adults and it had to be rebuilt in small steps. She began to get involved in sports, played handball and tennis. Over the years, it turned out that she was suffering from a fetal alcohol syndrome. This means that the mother had consumed alcohol during pregnancy. This alcohol consumption results in a lifelong disability for Laura. However, Laura was never harmed by her disability. She is a very happy child and her teacher describes her as a motivator for the school class. 

Laura attends a special school, which clearly gets to feel her love for FC Bayern. Even the day bed, which she uses during classes, got a FC Bayern bed linen .... About five years ago the nursing parents noticed, that something is wrong with Laura order. Things she learned faded away and she could no longer exercise the beloved sport. Laura has been sitting in a wheelchair for half a year. There are more and more things that are no longer possible. Despite all this, she has remained a joyful teenager and gives other people courage not to give up. 

The parents turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation with Laura's greatest desire to see a game of FC Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena. And we helped quickly: together with her friend Hendrik, Laura was a guest at the Bayern match against FC Schalke 04. Laura enjoyed the time in the stadium tremendously, although because of her past it’s hard to deal with human masses. 

Of course, she cheered for the lead by Robert Lewandowski’s goal enthusiastically and even that Schalke tied the match with a goal just four minutes later, Laura's good mood did not break. The enthusiasm that her great desire had been fulfilled will make Laura smile for a long time. 

Girl in front of the stadium
We are glad we were able to make Laura happy and wish her and her family all the best for the future!

und wünschen ihr und ihrer Familie für die Zukunft alles Gute!


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