Nik on the road


Nik is eleven years old

and lives with his mother in Dortmund. He is severely handicapped. His sister Ann-Cathrin has turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation and told us Niks story.

Because the money is scarce, Niks mother can not afford a driver’s license. His sisters therefore take over the purchases, but because the vehicle is not handicapped accessible rebuilt, Nik can never ride and his life takes place only at home.



Ann-Cathrin asked us for assistance in the transformation of the car, so that the mother's savings can be used on the driver's license. Ann Cathrin: "We would like to support her because my mother always thinks of others and never on herself." Said - done: We caught up internally with a cost estimate for the renovation of the company Kadomo and did everything necessary to realize this project. Meanwhile, the vehicle is changed and Nik can finally go on tour with it.

As Ann-Cathrin received the good news, she bursted into tears of joy and reported it immediately to her mother. The joy of the family can be clearly seen on all images.

Child and mother with a wheelchair

We share the family's joy and wish them a lot of fun with their new vehicle!


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