Niklas starts moving


Niklas is only ten months old

and is accompanied by the Björn Schulz Foundation. He lives with his family in a small rented apartment. Due to an advanced type I muscular atrophy he is harmed by a degeneration of the muscles. Own movements are hard for him and only possible to a limited extent. During long hospital stays, he practiced his movements on a Galileo machine to train the muscles and it had great effects.


Niklas's father reports: "While I was watching Niklas, I was able to see how much pleasure this Galileo platform was doing to him. And I realized that his motoric skills had further improved" The first results are impressive:" Niklas can now raise toys and lead them to his mouth. He can turn his head independently from left to right.

His leg motion has also improved." The Toni Kroos Foundation has financed Niklas a Galileo device in order to be used at home. Now the little man can practice daily at home and is no longer forced to drive through half the city in wind and weather.

We are very happy about Niklas's progress and are looking forward to his further journey!


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