Niko meets Mickey Mouse


Niko saves his pocket money

for the purchase of a fairy-tale castle. A Disney Castle, to be exact. To visit the Disneyland in Paris with his family and meet his favorite Disney characters - an unachievable wish for the little protege of the Björn-Schulz-Foundation.


Two years ago, Niko was diagnosed with epilepsy. Up to now, it has not been possible to stop the disease. The ten-year-old boy from Berlin is suffering from severe seizures every day, especially at night, has to take 20 pills a day and is gradually forgetting all of his abilities, such as reading and writing. He visits a special school, but he needs retreats and spends almost all his holidays in the hospital. Half a year ago, a rare, severe genetic defect was found, the cause of epilepsy. Especially hard: Niko consciously registers the loss of his abilities which is hard for him to uphold his courage. Niko's story touched us deeply and we wanted to allow the family a break. At the end of January the S. family traveled to the Disneyland in Paris. Nikos siblings Nele and Mia, who are in everyday life on his side and often have to take a step back, shared his great joy. The family experienced an unforgettable trip to Mickey Mouse and Co. The most famous mouse in the world took a lot of time for the little guests from Germany and especially the sight of the fairy-tale castle remains in the memory of the family.

Two children
We wish Niko and his family a lot of strength and are glad that we were able to give them a distraction for some days.


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