Noah sits in the front row


Noah is eleven years old

and physically/mentally severely handicapped. He is treated in childrens' hospice Regenbogenland in Duesseldorf and his family can gain strength for everyday life. His mother, father and the eight-year old sister do anything to make his life as comfortable as possible. But Noah's disease always sets new challenges. Among other things, Noah's auto aggressive. This means that he hits out and often hurts himself.


Especially dangerous is the situation while driving, when he sits with his wheelchair alone in the rear area of the vehicle. Then he beats against the windows or his lip bloody. His mother, who brings him several times a day by car to school, transports him on the passenger seat. Then she can mitigate the aggression relapses when calming him.

The father drives every day around 250 kilometers to work and back. In the evening he discusses with his wife the organization of everyday life and is looking for ways to support Noah. So they have been able to obtain a stair lift in the past year with support of a care fund which facilitates the family's life considerably. As the car of the family is getting old, a new one fitted for Noah’s demands is needed.

The father turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation with a request for assistance. The family managed to purchase a VW Caddy and the Toni Kroos Foundation took care for a renovation of the car. Especially for the installment of a ramp that facilitates the entry of Noah in the car. He is now able to be transported further with the fitting passenger seat so that his mother can supervise him best.

A boy and his mother are getting in the car

We wish Noah and his family all the best and a joyful ride!


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