Riding therapy helps


Luis, Gerilan, Liza and Linda

are the children of a Kurdish/Yezidi family who fled Iraq for Germany. In Iraq they were persecuted and threatened. A German care employee noticed that the two boys did not develop according to age. After several examinations, it was found that they suffer from the protein metabolic disease "phenylketonuria". Since the disease was first diagnosed and treated in Cologne, both boys suffered irreversible brain damage. It can lead to mental disorders, epileptic seizures and general excitability.


Luis and Gerilan therefore need extra care. For Luis, a kindergarten place could already be found in an integrative institution. Since summer he has been attending a special school and his brother Gerilan followed in his place at KITA. Gerilan has now also got a one-to-one help in the day care center and is now developing much better. Through all the special support, the condition of the children has improved significantly. So Luis can walk independently today, he even speaks a few words and takes part in life again. Gerilan also is very well with the promotion and develops well from day to day.

The team of the children's clinic Amsterdamer Stra.e in Cologne has now recommended a horseback riding therapy for the four children. The girls are healthy but they often had to stay behind because of their brothers' illness. The team of Therakids was recommended to us through our foundation‘s ambassador Martin Rütter.

There, the children learned a lot in dealing with the horses, for example, when cleaning or doing a round through the forest. Especially well they did different exercises on the horses.

Thanks to Sunlight GmbH in Leutkirch for the generous support of the financing this project.

Child on a horse
We wish the kids all the best for the future and are happy that we were able to support them with the riding therapy.


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