Saziye has a new favorite place at home


Saziye is 20 years old

and heavily disabled after an early childhood severe brain damage. She is sitting in a wheelchair, can not speak and does not move in a controlled way. She is accompanied by the Kinderhospiz Regenbogenland in Düsseldorf and needs care around the clock.


Saziye lives alone with her mother in Duisburg. In the Regenbogenland she discovered the water column in the "Snozelraum" for herself. She can wonderfully relax and just look at the colorful, ascending bubbles. Terrific: Even her spasm attacks are thereby alleviated!

Her mother wanted Saziye to have such a water column at home and turned to the Toni Kroos Foundation. The girl loves to feel the bubbling directly beneath her head, the effects for her health are absolutely positive. We could fulfil the wish of Saziye's mother and so she could transfer the good feeling from the Regenbogenland to her local environment.

We wish Saziye and her mother all the best!





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