Teamwork for Eva


Eva is two years old,

lives with her family and her nine-year-old sister near to Hannover, is treated in the Regenbogenland in Dusseldorf and suffers from a rare disease: The incurable defect "Ondine's curse". In this disability the brain's CO² regulation is not controlled so Eva can't breathe when she's sleeping. Therefore, noninvasive ventilation is essential. Even during the day Eva's breathing can expose unexpected anytime. Therefore, her family's life near Hannover is influenced heavily because an invasive artificial respiration is needed . Nevertheless, the parents do everything to allow their daughter a life as normal as possible. A nurse supports the family here.


Now the change from crib to kindergarten is coming. The family has been desperately searching for a device where Eva is accepted with special care by her nurse which is absolutely necessary. Eva's mother wanted to go back to work to improve the financial situation of the family. But Eva can not make a nap in the crib due to the disease. She has to be brought home at noon, where it is the nurse taking care of her. That said a transport is needed to take Eva home at noon time.

Torn down by administrative paperwork and often disappointing talks without result, the family turned to Toni Kroos Foundation. It quickly became clear that the foundation takes care of the monthly transport for a maximum period of twelve months. And this development roused also other involved bodies: So the city of Lehrte agreed retroactively and to assume the cost of this measure in the future.

blond girl
We are pleased that we could provide an impetus here, want to thank the city of Lehrte for their support and wish Eva and her family all the best for the future!


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