The wonderful wish of Amelie


A letter from Amelie:

With a touching letter the five-year-old Amelie has turned towards the Toni Kroos Foundation. The brave girl since her birth has been permanently as a guest in hospitals since she was born. She came to life with a kidney congestion and bilateral double kidney. The first treatment she had when she was 18 months old.


In January 2013 the family suffered a shock: Amelie's mum found out that her appetite subsided and fatigue had increased. During a stay in the ICU of the Children's Hospital of Amsterdam street in Cologne diabetes mellitus type 1 was diagnosed and it a difficult time started for the family. A few weeks after being discharged from the Cologne hospital a kidney had to be removed in Leverkusen. Together with her mother stood Amelie through this difficult time. In everyday life the two women repeatedly exchange power to each other when the road seems to be endless and the burden of disease appears to suppress all joy.
Amelies mail touched us at the bottom of our hearts. The brave girl put a great wish at the end of the letter: She desired a short stay in the Tropical Islands in Berlin because swimming is great fun for her and she forgets her suffering for a few hours. And the Toni Kroos Foundation fulfilled the wish of the small fighter. In mid-March the family made a nice little holiday. In amazement, relax and enjoy the little family was able to switch off and just enjoy the time.

We hope that Amelie and her mother have picked up a lot of strength from these days.

We keep our fingers crossed for your future!


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