The young woman and the sea


Janina is 24 years and

suffers from severe blood anemia. After a cell therapy she also suffered from a severe rejection of the body against the transplant. Since the end of 2016, Janina has been living with her mum in the childrens' hospice Sonnenhof.

Her dream was to spend a short break with her mother and her sister in a hotel with a spa near to the Baltic Sea. She loves the water but it has to be very warm for her. Janina wanted a small friendly vacation at the Seehotel Binz-Therme. We wanted to support her very much.

The saltwater pool was a dream for her, the food left nothing to be desired, and the 3-bed room was perfectly comfortable for the family, so they could chatter up into the night. No serious thoughts, nothing to worry about, just air and sun to enjoy and also to listen to the sea. As a highlight, a helicopter round trip over the chalk cliffs was also included in the program.

A young woman with her mother
The short time had everything for the family to be enjoyed and to get the batteries recharged again. We admire Janina for her tireless efforts and

wish her all the best!


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