Carla enjoys the fresh air


Carla is accompanied by our partner institution

the Björn Schulz Foundation in the Sonnenhof. She just turned eight years old but unfortunately she can not grow up like other kids of her age. She has been suffering from an illness since the age of two, similar to muscular dystrophy (progressive muscle wasting) and cerebellar atrophy, probably caused by a genetic defect.


Carla has gradually lost all her skills and right now she can not move, speak, eat and drink, and always wears a breathing mask. An incredibly restricted life for a child. But she still has not lost her smile. She visits the special school every day and is happy to be with her little sister, mom and dad. Everyone sticks together and is with Carla. A very admirable and strong family, which has touched us very much.

The family turned to us and asked for a wheelchair bicycle. Carla loves to go outside and her parents want to make it possible for the girl as often as possible. Of course we could not refuse their desire and so we have realized the project quickly and easily and taken over the financing for the wheelchair bicycle. So the whole family can make small trips to nature and enjoy the time with Carla.


Girl in a wheelchair
We wish you many nice exploratory trips, which will make you forget your illness and the difficult everyday life.


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