More security for Warde


Trips by car which everyone can enjoy

Warde is 27 years old and lives together with her parents in a handicapped accessible apartment in Berlin.  She was born a healthy baby and contracted a brain infection in her second year.  Since then she is paralyzed, has a curvature of the spine and is severely handicapped several times.  Warde communicates with sounds that express her approval or dislike. The brave young woman receives support from the Björn Schulz Foundation and the Sonnenhof team in Berlin.


Her parents lovingly take care of Warde, but their efforts are not infinite, because Warde weighs 85 kg with her wheelchair.  The mother suffers from back problems and the father was operated on the heart. Up to now, Warde was brought into the car with a manually installed telescopic rail system and secured by a temporary belt system. Under these conditions, no longer distances were possible to reach by car and the safety aspect when driving a car could be met only partially.

In order for Wardes only provisionally secured trips to end, we support the conversion of the family car. It now has been equipped with a practical and lightweight aluminum ramp that makes it much easier to get into the car with a wheelchair. In addition, Warde is now also secured by a pelvic and shoulder strap.  Now both short trips to the doctor are safe and the family can finally take longer trips and explore the area safely with their daughter.

A woman in a wheelchair is pushed into the car
We wish Warde and her family all the best and

always a good time on the road!


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