New baby carriages for our families


Design & Functionality thanks to iCandy

Thanks to our new partner iCandy, we were able to equip two families with modern and stylish strollers in great quality.  We are very happy about the terrific cooperation!

When the British pram manufacturer iCandy approached us with the idea of a donation of two prams, we did not hesitate and had not to hard to think about which two families would need support most at the moment.  The joy of handing over and unpacking was uncomparable because the baby carriages immediately convinced both families through their combination of design and functionality. Through various adaptation options, the families can customize the stroller fitting to their needs.


We have already reported on the two-year-old Leopold, born with a lissencephaly.  Now his family expects another baby, in June Leopold will get his sibling. To make sure they are perfectly equipped for everyday life, the family received an iCandy Peach All Terrain Forest stroller with the extension for use as a sibling stroller.  So they are flexible and can use the iCandy as a single car or together with Leopold as a sibling stroller.

And Josefine's family of five is also delighted with the beautiful new stroller, which they could not afford by themselves.  Four-year-old Josefine has been suffering from severe brain disease since her birth and will never be able to walk, swallow or talk.  Pauline, the smallest of the three sisters, turns one year old in June and used the pram where the two grown ups were sitting before.  Now a new model was urgently needed - the donation came at exactly the right time.  The new iCandy Peach Satin Damson is already in action and has proven to be super practical and comfortable.

Family with the new buggy
We are very happy about every help and support in order to pass it on to our families!

Many thanks to iCandy for the donation and the uncomplicated handling.


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