A new home for Thiago


Our little hero

is six years old and is being accompanied at the children's clinic Amsterdamer Straße in Cologne. He suffers from a very rare genetic defect called Othara epilepsy. It is a medicine-resistant epilepsy.


Thiago can not speak, does not eat, does not move and will now get a wheelchair. He needs a lot of rest, because his brain is extremely prone to convulsions. The little man needs to be looked after for around the clock and an outpatient nursing service helps the single mother. If he is well, Thiago may attend a kindergarten.

His mother was born in Colombia and was raised by nurses in Germany who live in a neighboring village. She loves her son above everything else and is full of life energy, which she bestows on her son. The two live on a site of holiday homes in Gummersbach. She has chosen this place with its small winter-proof wooden houses for Thiago, so he finds the peace he needs. Life there is very simple.

In the summer of 2017, she bought a slightly larger wooden house in need of renovation. This was made necessary by the purchase of the wheelchair and the associated space requirements. The house has a small living room / bedroom, a tiny children's room with Thiagos bed and a small kitchen. With the help of her parents, the single-parent woman can pay the renovation far enough.

Child with mother in wheelchair
However, they urgently need a bath with tub but all the cash reserves have been used up and that's why we've taken care of it and taken over most of the funding. We wish Thiago and his mother all the best and

a nice time in the new home!


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