Animal Therapy for Rosa


Full of noticeably positive effects

Rosa is 9 years old and lives with her younger sister Greta and her parents in the south of Berlin.

The girl suffers from the deletion syndrome „22q11“. Therefore, she can not walk, talk, sit alone or eat and drink without help. The family has sought support at the Sonnenhof, the outpatient service of the Björn Schulz Foundation.


Rosa is a small, nice fairy and unfortunately often has to contend with all kinds of infections. Despite all the restrictions, she is a happy child. She loves animals, and her parents, along with Rosa's doctors, came up with the idea of strengthening her muscles with the help of a horse therapy. Unfortunately the health insurances don’t cover such a therapy and therefore we are happy to support. From the very beginning of therapy the parents told us the following:

"Rosa is still highly motivated when riding. At the beginning of the lesson she helps with grooming and scratching out the hooves. The main goal is to strengthen her muscles. The first positive effects are reflected in her growing stamina: on the first appointment, she has made three laps of stepping, the fourth time there are already 12 laps. Riding at the same time relaxes their muscles, which are always very tense due to spasticism, and at least temporarily provides relief. Rosa reacts particularly strong when her little sister Greta is there. She is happy when Greta also sits on the horse for one lap, but soon becomes impatient because she wants to ride herself again. The last time both sat together on horseback for one lap. Rosa finds it especially great to lead the pony into the hall while holding on to the rope. And last week, Rosa has made 16 laps with growing enthusiasm. You notice her improvements in the back properly.

The therapy really pays off. Great! Thank you!"


We are very happy to read these lines and also say thank you that the Icelandic Horse Center Berlin with Andreas Müller who supports Rosa so much.


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