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Noam and the animals

Little Noam is five years old and is temporarily taken care in our partner institution, Kinderhospiz Regenbogenland in Dusseldorf. The little man is suffering from Pelizaeus-Merzbacher syndrome. This illness restricts him motorically globally and therefore he needs many therapies for his development. And we are very happy that we were able to provide him with something very special.


Noam loves animals and likes to be surrounded by them. It is well known that animals have a positive effect on sick children, but unfortunately such an animal therapy is not a benefit of the health insurance, but can only be supported by donations. So we got involved with Noam and funded the therapy for one year.

During this time, Noam had regular contact with animals, which had a very positive effect on his health. In addition to Dilli the horse, there are two labs in the therapy park Dusseldorf (Nala and Coco). Noam was allowed to take care of them and to prepare their food. And he had to fill treats in drawers, which was a great grab exercise for him. Sometimes he would feed the fish in the aquarium and even pet them. He worked in the small animal enclosure at the trunk control while hamsters and rabbits ran alongside and on top of him. He was particularly excited when he went through the forest with his horse. He could lie on Dilli's back or sit with the help of his mom. He thanked Dilli with a huge carrot and was not afraid that his small hand could be harmed.

Since Noam had regular contact with the animals, he can no longer be kept if he is allowed to pet or feed animals anywhere. He has become more self-confident through the therapy and approaches the animals without fear. Physically, he has made great progress through the intensive therapies that he otherwise visits. His hull has become more stable, his dexterity and understanding have improved a lot. Of course, that makes us very happy and we wish him all the best all love & good luck!

  • Little boy pats a horse
  • Little boy riding a horse
  • Little boy pats a horse
  • Little boy riding a horse


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