Visiting Finja and her family


When Finja was at the age of eight months

the disease – evoked by a rare gene defect – broke out and turned the life of the G. family upside down. We got to know her during a visit at the Regenbogenland.


Many surgeries, tests and stays in hospital had Finja to make through until the doctors found what had caused the disease and defined it.

We got to know the G. family in the childrens’ hospice Regenbogenland in Duesseldorf. And it was clear to us that we want to help. The family had been cancelled the second nursing service because Finja had become too heavy for nurses and her Mum and it was too hard to lift her up and down the stairs in their house repeatedly during the days.

When Finjas mum got injured on her hand and could not take care for Finja completely we decided to help quick and easy and organized a home help in order to support the family.

We further decided to provide the family with a stair lift so that Finja can take part in the everyday life of her family and has not to spend the days in her room in the upper floor. The lift has arrived and the G. family is back in a normal everyday life.

Girl with family

We are happy to be able to help! All the best Finja!


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