An unforgettable evening in the football stadium


Germany against the Netherlands

a classic of world football. Of course, some families from the children’s hospice Regenbogenland did not want to miss the neighborhood duel. Therefore, the Toni Kroos Foundation had invited.

The joy was great after the arrival from Dusseldorf, when the small group and those families who had travelled to Gelsenkirchen by themthelves took their seats in the Arena of Schalke: Perfect view to the pitch awaited the tour group and so the match could begin.



The German team with Toni Kroos, who assisted the 2nd goal, did everything to make the guests feel comfortable. Early on, the DFB team took control, lead 2-0 and seemed on the way to a safe victory. The cold was not an issue for the visitors, who stood up enthusiasically for each goal and cheered for the team.

Unfortunately, the fact that the game ended only 2-2 at the end and the German team gave the awaited victory away, dampened the mood of the guests from the Regenbogenland. But in the end, everyone agreed that they had seen an outstanding football game that just did not have the right result.

[Translate to Englisch:] Mann mit Toni Kroos' Trikot
Wir freuen uns sehr darüber, dass wir einigen Kindern und Familien eine Freude machen konnten.

Danke fürs Daumendrücken!


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