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Together with the "Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V."

we support in 2018 amongst others the German Children's Hospice Association. This charity project is specifically dealing with seminars, workshops and meetings for children, adolescents and young adults with life-shortening illness. They get the opportunity to visit the very popular events together with their parents and siblings. These are offered through the German Children's Hospice Academy and mostly donated. We were recently able to get an insight into a family seminar in Hohenroda:


The family seminars are accompanied by professional social educators, music and art therapists and are always fully booked. This time 15 families were able to attend. The children and adolescents can still walk, some are equipped with assistants, wheelchairs and some even lying in bed.

The program is very diverse and so everyone finds something fitting to his personal interests. The parents can enjoy themselves creatively, for example with music, singing, lyrics and just let everything out. Others prefer to work with sound. They make a bust of themselves, once have a chance to look only at themselves and show how they see each other. A nice way of self-reflection.
An integrative group of parents, siblings and sick children has built a family house in one room and redesigned it every day.
A group of ill children enjoyed the book "Queen of Colors". How does blue sound and feel?
The special thing about the actions is that every child, despite his illness and limitations, manages to be part of the community.

Every morning we all thought about the deceased children and lit a candle to remember them. In the evening, the participants sat together and they exchanged their experiences. Volunteers kept watching, because the nursing staff of course is there.
The hotel in Hohenroda has been the perfect host for five years with special facilities accessible for handicapped people. The parents are raving about these days on the edge of the Thuringian Forest. It feels like an active holiday that does not look weird when a child is shouting in the restaurant or lying in bed at the table.
It was very moving to see how much the parents enjoyed being able to spend a few hours just to be alone and to talk to other parents. They visibly enjoyed how well their children felt in this environment and traveled back home strengthened as a family.

  • Woman with a girl
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  • Children are playing
  • Woman with a girl
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  • Children are playing

A big Thank You to the "Stiftung RTL - Wir helfen Kindern e.V." and board member Wolfram Kons, who supported us so generously and made this experience possible!



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