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Toni Kroos speaks about the development of his foundation, the splits between his obligations in the football, the parenthood and his personal commitment for children who need his help. Read here about our foundation, which has developed in short time to one successful organization.


The foundation now exists for three years. How do you see the development it has taken since the start in the summer 2015?
Altogether everything has developed very positive. We could convert our plan successfully - to take care for families via the projects we support. In addition we managed it with the support of the many donators, to help the facilities directly with climbing walls, cars etc. and various events on-site, for example a public viewing to the EURO 2016 in the childrens’ hospital in Cologne, a soccer festival in the Sonnenhof Berlin or a family day for the Regenbogenland in Duesseldorf.

How do you coordinate the work of the foundation from Madrid then?
It works well, because we keep close contact with our two employees Claudia and Andrea. Each inquiry and idea is directly brought to our attention and so we have a good view on the situation in the different families and the different issues. In the end I decide together with the board about the further proceeds. Of course we also meet in regular intervals in Germany or Madrid, where we develop ideas for the future.

How important is the support by your wife Jessica in the daily work with the foundation?​​​​​​​
Jessy collects all information, news and tasks she receives by Claudia and they put it then together for me. Thanks to her support I’m able to make my own opinion and get accurate knowledge about the situation in order to decide. Also she knows how I think and is able to solve smaller matters like I would do personally.

What were your most beautiful moments and strongest recollections in the work with the foundation?
Quite clear my visits on-site in the by us supervised facilities. This feeling, these positive basic mood in the hospices I have experienced, has moved me and very much positively surprised - at all sadness of the individual destinies. To experience, for example, at one visit in the children hospital how happy I can make the kids only by my presence is especially beautiful. One notes then simply, that it is exactly the right thing to do.

Do you have also permanent personal contact to children and families the foundation?
I personally of course rather less. Certainly we keep being close to the families we support on a long term. With some we have of course more contact as with others, but to us it’s simply important, that we with our help also permanently improve something for them.

Stings the Gala of the foundation on the 9th of June 2017 under all the actions especially forth?
One must of course distinguish between actions with families in our foundation or one extraordinary event like the Gala. At the events with the families we try to arrange one great day and organize various things and give of course money for it. At the Gala we chased a different goal, to have all the foundation‘s friends together and, of course, collect money with donations in order to help more families. We achieved both of these goals with the Gala, had excellent exchange with the guests and so it was very moving to have a great evening with many exceptional and good-hearted people.

Beside the ambassadors of the foundation like your brother Felix are there more sponsors for whose support you are especially grateful?
Of course, because the foundation would not work without donations - also if the foundation of course is provided with my personal support. Hence are we grateful to each donator - whether he supports us with one or with 10.000 Euro. In addition I have to thank our great partners who support us with regular donations, gifts in kind or free services support. Every single company identifies itself with our foundation and helps us with organizational support.

Is the work with the foundation a welcome change for you with regards to the football-business?
Apart from that it gives me great fun to help people who suffer. It sometimes shows what’s really important in life and that a lost football match in comparison may be totally insignificant.

Even if it might be quite early to ask: Do you already think about how your work for the foundation will change if you no are no longer active as a football player?
I think that it will be not a basic change and am certain that we continue working for the foundation with the same passion we hang on so far. It will certainly be a difference that I will have more chances to be more present on-site in Germany and able to be yet more often personal in the facilities or at individual families.

Will there be special actions of the foundation during the World Cup in the summer?
Yes, we are currently planning public viewings in each facility for one preliminary round match of the german team. We already did for the Euro 2016 and collected very positive experiences. We will prepare a beautiful day for the kids and their families - with a lot of great ideas. And I will try on the pitch in Russia to give them a good result as well (laughs).

Are there projects the foundation so far did not yet convert and which are on your personal agenda for the future?
No single projects because we want to continue with our philosophy just as up to now and keep close eyes one the families. But we think about growing further and look for another hospice to support. We will inform ourselves in close future which one would be suitable for us.

Is there one dream of one special project of the foundation that you want to make true in the future?
Not that one dream. But since our first Gala was such a great success we might be considering doing another one (grins).

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