A retreat for Marcel


Finally a youth room

Marcel is 14 years old and is accompanied by the children's and youth hospice Regenbogenland in Dusseldorf. The brave young man shortly after birth suffered a hospital infection that has been affecting him since then. It came with a sepsis, an acute renal failure, respiratory and resuscitation, and a complete blood exchange. The following disabilities have arisen as a result of the infection and the massive addition of medicine: visual impairment, hearing loss, severe epilepsy, severe mental and physical disability - this is why Marcel relies on a wheelchair.


With his single mother Marcel lives in a rented apartment in Dusseldorf. In the combined living/dining room, Marcel spends a lot of time on a large sofa, which is now getting old and starts to break into pieces. At least he can lie down there because he can’t sit in a wheelchair for such a long time. We provided him with a Gravity Chair last year to make it more comfortable for him.

The family lacks the financial resources to set up Marcel's room age-appropriate and youthful. His belongings are kept in an old closet and there are hardly any shelves to house his belongings. His mother had a great desire to give his youth room a friendly atmosphere, so that the young Marcel can sometimes withdraw. A new cupboard, a few shelves and some fresh paint was needed. As a highlight Marcel's name is now added as a graffiti on the wall. We have financially supported the purchase of new furniture and now the youth room shines in new splendor.

And Marcel -  feels visibly well in his newly designed environment.

Youth room
We are very happy that we could support Marcel in his everyday life and

wish him many pleasant hours in his new retreat.


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