A bit of freedom for Pascal


Another family -

another story that has moved us in the Foundation and made us take part in.

Pascal was healthy until the age of four. But then came  diagnosis of an incurable and progressive disease - NCL5 - Neuronal Ceroids Lipofucinosis occurred.


This disease is a childhood dementia which appears in blindness, speech loss and nasogastric feeding. Among further things, Pascal also suffers from epilepsy. Today, Pascal is 13 years old and accompanied by the ambulatory service of the Björn Schulz Foundation in the Sonnenhof (Berlin).

Pascal loves the Baltic Sea, he enjoys time with his family there, because he gets used to the climate very well. Unfortunately, there are major limitations with a usual wheelchair, because someone can’t make it through the sand. Being so close to the sea and yet not being able to getting to the water is very unfortunate. We have therefore met Pascal's request and  financed him a special Hippocampe terrain wheelchair. Now the next holidays can come for the family at the Baltic Seaside. Pascal and his family made their personal fitness test during a trip to the lake. His mother has reported absolutely happily that it feels like Pascal has been given back a bit of freedom. The teenager enjoys and thanks her and the family with a happy smile!

Once again this is a small successful story which also makes us smile and motivates us to help a lot more children to participate actively in life.

Every support counts and we are very happy about the many different helping hands!


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